Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is not only one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine but now thanks to Aria its also one of the most affordable. Aria medical aesthetics has made it so easy for everyone to feel and look their smoothest. Our monthly memberships are determined as to what the treatment size is.


A La Carte Pricing

Membership Pricing

How It Works:
VB/Aria Laser Hair Clients are free to choose which area or areas they would like laser hair performed.

Simply choose the area sizes you want laser hair performed and add the monthly fee or fees up and that will determine your monthly rate.

For example:

  • One small area a month will be $69/month.
  • Two small areas a month will be $138/mo ($69 x 2)
  • A small area, a medium area and a large area will be $287/mo ($69 + $79 + $139)