David Alleva, MLT

David Alleva MLT, created the Body Lab LLC where he applied his knowledge of medical laboratory science, nutrition, and personal training to discover why some individuals are able to achieve an ideal weight and body composition better and/or faster than others. He furthered his study, specifically in fat metabolism, in order to specialize in helping clients effectively nourish and care for their bodies, improve body composition, and reduce inflammation. David also mastered the science behind peak aerobic conditioning in elite athletes. David uses the VO2 Max assessment (the gold standard test for peak athletic performance) to measure how efficiently his client’s muscles are at extracting the oxygen their cardiorespiratory system is pumping out. David teaches clients how to obtain their peak physical condition for that competitive advantage. Throughout David’s 10 years of working with thousands of clients with goals ranging from weight loss, peak condition, to improving overall health, he stumbled on some irrefutable data regarding the key to including essential fatty oils; no matter what the goal of the client.

The scientist in David decided to experiment further and find out how the body responds to the addition of specific oils in its nutrition program. From his research he designed a powerful blend of proprietary oils maximizing the best of the best essential fatty acids and called it Liquid Gold. Preliminary results from the addition of Liquid Gold into his program not only boosted results of those looking to lose weight and/or who hit a weight loss plateau but also improved the performance of athletes looking for more sustainable energy without the crash. These oils have undeniably kept his clients leaner, helped their bodies function more efficiently, and reduced post exercise recovery time. We all know that when the body runs at its optimal level, we feel better, look better and can look forward to a longer healthier life.

Incorporating Liquid Gold into his client’s’ nutrition has repeatedly surprised him with more benefits than he ever anticipated. Over the years, his findings revealed that the oil can potentially increase bone density, improve skin health and elasticity, promote cell growth, strengthen cell membranes, reduce inflammation, and more. Dave now calls Liquid Gold “Arguably, One of the most powerful foods on the planet!”