Anil Bhardwaj, MD

Owner & Medical Director

Dr. Bhardwaj is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and is a practicing Anesthesiologist for the Integrated Anesthesia Associates (IAA) at Hartford Hospital and Hospital of Central Connecticut. Dr. Bhardwaj provides perioperative care of patients in addition to the specialties performed by the surgical division including; General Surgery, Neuro-surgery, Orthopedics, OB-Gyn, Vascular surgery and ENT. As a part of the anesthetic care team, Dr. Bhardwaj performs invasive hemodynamic monitoring and nerve blocks using ultra-sound guidance..

After 25 years as a Practicing Anesthesiologist, Dr. Bhardwaj began to develop an interest in aesthetics and the aftercare and healing process of his patients after complicated surgeries. Dr. Bhardwaj is a founding member of Aria Medical Aesthetics since it was established in 2015. Dr. Bhardwaj and his highly credentialed staff operate on a high standard of safety combined with exceptional client service.

Dr. Bhardwaj is certified in cosmetic injectable techniques from The Esthetic Skin Institution and certified from Cynosure for performing laser and photo light therapies for skin rejuvenation. Dr. Bhardwaj is a dedicated professional in the field of aesthetic medicine. He specializes in cosmetic injectables and laser treatments for skin care. With an artistic eye and many years of skill with injections as a practicing anesthesiologist, he is able to produce natural and subtle results in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Dr. Bhardwaj’s compassion and honesty inspires trust and confidence in his patients to achieve the optimal results they most desire to look and feel their best.