Now that winter is in full swing, a fantastic way to get ready for the summer beach season is with a CoolSculpting treatment. CoolSculpting is the coolest way to lose fat. It’s an FDA approved, non-surgical treatment which uses controlled cooling to reduce fat on targeted areas of the body.

A good time to start treatments is during the fall or winter, because it can take up to three months to achieve optimal results. Undergoing CoolSculpting while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine will leave you looking amazingly beach-fit by the time summer’s here again.

Fat cells freeze at higher temperature than do surrounding tissues. Without breaking the skin or damaging surrounding tissue, the CoolSculpting device targets these fat cells and delivers a precisely controlled cooling effect that crystallizes them. The fat cells die, and your body eliminates them over time. The result is a more sculpted you! Best of all, CoolSculpting delivers long-term results. The fat cells treated are gone forever, and cells from untreated areas won’t drive in to replace them. This will reduce the number of fat cells in the treated area by up to 25 percent. After your session, you may not lose weight, but you will look thinner and more toned and your clothes will also fit better.

CoolSculpting treatments have been performed over 2 million times worldwide, and its effects have been studied in more than 4,000 clinical trial patients. Client satisfaction with results have been huge – over 95 percent!

Before your first session, your medical professional will plan according to your specific goals, your unique body, and your needs which help determine the number of sessions. That being said, one session usually lasts an hour.

CoolSculpting doesn’t involve any surgery, needles, or downtime. During the procedure, your medical professional will place a gel pad and applicator on the targeted area. You’ll most likely feel a deep cold at first, but this ends as the area becomes numb. You might also feel some tugging. This is because a CoolSculpting device uses a vacuum to draw fatty tissue into the applicator cup.

With CoolSculpting you can easily resume normal activities afterwards. Rare side effects can include numbness, redness, swelling, bruising, firmness, tingling, and stinging. Any redness usually goes away a few hours after the device has been removed.

Observable results will appear around three weeks to three months. Four to six months after your treatment your body will continue to flush fat cells. CoolSculpting can be used to treat bell bulges, love handles, hips, inner and outer thighs and upper arms. Also, with the smaller Cool Mini applicator, double chins, chubby knees and bra fat can also be eliminated.

The best part of CoolSculpting is that you don’t have to adopt a new exercise regimen or follow strict dietary habits, however, results last longer with a healthy, well balanced diet, and regular exercise.

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